Unsafe conditions on someone else’s property can cause serious personal injuries. That’s  a widespread subset of personal injury law, are so important. Every year, thousands of Americans experience accidents and injuries due to the negligence of business owners, landlords, apartment complexes and even cities or towns, and slip, trip, and fall law makes it possible for those injured to be fully compensated for their losses.

Slip, trip, and fall refers to any accident caused by the illegal negligence of a property owner. This involves a variety of accident types such as falling down a flight of stairs, tripping over an obstruction in the sidewalk, falling in the parking lot or slipping on ice on your apartment steps. The law concerning such accidents is clear: a property owner can be held liable when the owner knows of the unsafe condition, but fails to correct it or when the owner should have known of the condition, but failed to correct it. It is also important that the owner of the property actually created the unsafe condition as well.

If we can prove that the property owner was negligent of the unsafe conditions, we can get you the settlement you deserve that may include: covering medical costs, payment for loss of wages, and more.